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Ability to see Workspace Project Metadata in the 2.0 API - (Already Available for Internal API Endpoints)


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We would like to see metadata for Workspace projects (for example, name, date created, and corresponding report suite id) made publicly available in the 2.0 APIs.

Methods and responses with this data already exist in the internal APIs used to populate the list of projects we have access to in the workspace UI (using the internal "appservice" or "/analytics/1.0/projects/" endpoint).





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This is an excellent suggestion and would allow to add another super-power to jen.lasser's tip on importing AA usage into workspace ( adobe.ly/aausage) :

The data/response from the internal API contains information on the link between a workspace project and the suite (rsid):
  1. 0: {id: "56b01f8640b393398a71c8d8", name: "Slow Performing Pages",}
    1. alternateVariableNames: null
    2. companyTemplate: false
    3. created: "2016-02-02T03:16:22Z"
    4. description: "Report that shows the top 10 slow performing pages (load time) for Product X"
    5. favorite: false
    6. id: "56b01f8640b393398a71c8d8"
    7. modified: "2016-04-22T00:07:46Z"
    8. name: "Slow Performing Pages"
    9. owner: {id: 123456, name: "Mickey Mouse", login: "m.mouse"}
    10. rsid: "productX-prod"
    11. tags: []
    12. type: "project"

With this data, we could finally answer: Which suites (i.e. web products) are being looked at most? This is of value in order to report (especially in organizations with more than 10 products/suites) that data is being used for decision purposes (in a specific project). I can not imagine a better proxy for "value delivered by AA for a specific project", which ultimately inform internal strategy (i.e. identify champion projects, laggers, on-boarding trends, etc..,) and inform of AA value in AA renewal discussions.