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Ability to change view from Instances to Page Views in Workspace Flow


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I'm loving the addition of flow to workspace. Especially the ability to path all variables and not just sProps. Currently the pathing appears to be set at an instances / occurances level. It would brilliant if users were able to select whether they could view the report at a hit or page view level. This would allow us to path eVars at a page view level and remove (if we chose) additional fires such as onclick events (and thus remove the need to duplicate evars into props).


For example: 


Adobe Clothing is an online retail store. Part of it's site consists of product pages, with light boxes users can click to view available sizes.


When a user lands on a product page an eVar of "Product Type" is set. This expires at a hit level, but is also populated when an on-click event is set when a light box is opened. This allows Adobe Clothing's Analyst to view how many page views each product type has had and how many light box clicks each product type has had in the same report, i.e.


Product Type

Page Views

Light Box Clicks

Adobe Hats



Adobe Scarves




The analyst has now been asked to view how many times users have gone from each product type page to the site's homepage. However, when trying to do this in Workspace the flow report pulls through every instance of the eVar being set, so the light box clicks are included in the pathing report, which is skewing the figures. The analyst also knows the dangers of mixing Props and Evars, and would like to avoid duplicating variables where possible for a analytics experience.


The ability to choose whether a user can view the pathing at an instance or page views level would solve this issue. 





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This I believe is an underlying fault of pathing reports.  For starters, we need to be thankful that there is a pathing on an eVar.  BUT - the problem with the new Pathing in Workspace is that it automatically shows "forward and backward" pathing.  What I really want is the ability to set criteria for when the pathing should be enabled.


in the above example - "Start pathing when Adobe Hats is first set".