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A4T Conversion Rate display as Percent number format by default


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Description - In the Analytics for Target widget, when the panel is built, show the Conversion Rate in Percent number format, rather than Decimal.


Why is this feature important to you - The Percent number format more intuitively conveys Conversion Rate since it is a calculated metric of conversions (%). And, if it were Percent by default, would save me time in building test reports. The Conversion Rate is not very useful to my team presented as a Decimal, which is the default. Currently, when I create a report of test results using the excellent A4T widget, I change the Conversion Rate's number format every time from Decimal to Percent manually. 


How would you like the feature to work - The A4T test result panel would be built exactly the same way it is today, with the one new change that by default sets the Conversion Rate's number format fas Percent, rather than Decimal.


Current Behaviour - Conversion Rate is currently displayed as a Decimal. 


Thank you!


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I don't have Target, so I don't know if this option exists.. but I know that Adobe has been working really hard to bring more personal customization of reports... the ability to set default metrics and display of information... I don't know if something like that exists already for A4T...


But, I will still upvote in case this doesn't exist yet.