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Using report builder/excel to make a direct call into Adobe to create a tactical segment/calculated metric - Is this possible?


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Currently for all A/B tests being run across the site we use report builder to pull the raw data for all the tests to monitor performance. For all standard tests where the audience volume doesn't need to be segmented this works fine.

However there are some instances where the audience volume recorded in the report builder report isn't the true audience volume. Therefore to get the true audience volume we have to go into analytics and create a segment.

Is there a way in excel either via another plug in or a formula where we can make a direct call to a reporting suite to create a segment/calculated metric and pull the data back relating to the segment/calculated metric created?

I know you can create segments via report builder or the workspace, however these approaches can be long winded and manual when you want to create a segment quickly.

Any thoughts on the above would be appreciated.



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