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Unspecified Campaigns After App measurement Upgrade


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Hello Sir/Ma'm,

We have just upgraded our adobe analytics code from H.25 to App Measurement JS 2.6.0. After upgrading the code almost 30% of our campaign are not being tracked so resulting in "Unspecified" in Campaigns Report. We are using query string parameter ("cid") to capture campaign code (campaign).

Following changes we have made in our new JS,

  1. "getQueryParam" plugin is replaced with inbuilt "util.getQueryParam".
  2. c_w and c_r are replaced with util.CookieWrite and util.CookieRead respectively.

I have checked in the report and found that it is not happening from any specific browser, operating system, device and channel etc. I have also verified the campaign code from these different scenarios (i.e. browsers, devices etc.) and campaign code is being tracked in all the cases for me. I am not able to identify any scenario in which campaign is not captured still we are seeing unspecified campaigns in our report.

I also checked for entry page url for unspecified campaign to verify that cid is present and found that cid is present in all the landing urls.

Please provide your valuable input and help us to resolve the issue.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Required Details,

Url : Angara - Buy Gemstone and Diamond Jewelry Online | Angara

S_code location : https://cdn.angara.com/media/js/omniture.js

Thanks & Regards,


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When you pull a campaign report is it using the key value or a related sub category?

I have seen where the campaign ID report is actually just a sub SAINT defined report-let. Might just be you need to upload its associated sub category.