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'Then' segmentation question


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Hi everyone, my name is Jakub and I'm new here. Been working with Adobe Analytics for the past year or two.

If anybody with more years of expertise is interested in helping, I have a quick question, I just wanted to make sure I understood one principle correctly.

I am trying to set up a segment where I want to get only visits who went from one site section directly to another section, so I did site section A 'Then within 1 site section' site section B to match what is explained here Building Sequential Segments  (but with site section not pages). I suppose this is fine, or?

I just have a question, what about users who go to site section A, then stayed next few hits on site section A and only then went to site section B. I am fairly sure these are included and that the "within 1 site section" clause fires only once a change of the variable (so it "within 1 site section change"), and not upon the variable being replaced with the same value variable upon visit staying in the same section. Is this line of thinking correct?

Thank you for any help provided. Cheers

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Everything in your post is correct. Your segment of "going directly from one site section to another site section" is exactly what your segment does.

Perhaps you're looking for something more specific for your segment? Can you elaborate?