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Settings not copied when duplicating report suites


Level 10

When creating a new report suite based on an existing report suite in the Admin Console, there are several custom settings that are not copied over, as generally they are contract-dependent.

The following table illustrates what is copied vs. what is not copied over; if you require any settings that were not included, have one of your organization's supported users contact ClientCare.

Settings Copied OverSettings NOT copied over
  • General Settings:
    • Data Warehouse
    • Geosegmentation
    • IP Obfuscation
  • Traffic Variables:
    • All variable names and enablement
    • List prop settings
    • All correlations
  • Conversion Variables:
    • All variable names and enablement
    • Merchandising settings
    • Basic/Full subrelation settings
  • Conversion Events:
    • All variable names and enablement
    • Event type (counter, incrementor, or currency)
  • General Settings:
    • Time Zone, Base Currency, and localization support (set when report suite is created)
    • Transaction ID Integration
    • Timestamp Support
    • Geo Zip
    • TNT/Survey integrations with SiteCatalyst
    • SocialAnalytics enablement
    • Discover processing
    • Light Server Call Profiles
  • Traffic Variables:
    • All pathing settings
    • Visits and Unique Visitors (v14 only)
    • Participation metrics displayed
    • All Hierarchy settings and enablement
  • Conversion Variables:
    • Commerce Visits and Visitors (v14 only)
    • Event serialization
    • Custom subrelations (only for list vars, mobile reports, and marketing channels)
    • All List Var settings and enablement
  • Conversion Events:
    • ClickMap recording
    • Participation


Reference: https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/kb/en_US/analytics/using/report-suite-settings-not-copied...

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