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Report Time Processing public beta feedback



Report Time Processing is a Virtual Report Suite​ setting that allows data to be processed in a non-destructive, retroactive fashion in Analysis Workspace. It can be accessed as a setting while creating a new virtual report suite.

Documentation for Report Time Processing can be found here


Why don’t I see ________ metric or dimension after enabling Report Time Processing?

Not all dimensions and metrics are supported when using Report Time Processing. Be sure to check the documentation for our supported list of dimensions and metrics.

Can I use Report Time Processing with web data as well as mobile app data?

Yes! However, keep in mind that the mobile SDK sets the launch event and to see background hits in reporting, you must be on version 4.13.6 of the SDK or above.

Why are my visit/visitor counts different from the base report suite when using Report Time Processing?

Depending on the settings you select, visit counts may differ substantially when using a shorter or longer timeout or using mobile app specific settings. See the documentation for further details on mobile visit processing.

For now, Report Time Processing allows you to change what a visit means in the context of your Virtual Report Suite. How is the current workflow of setting up report time processing? What features would you like to see implemented next?

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Level 6

Can you tell me if Virtual Report Suites with a 5 hour visit expiration definition would include Data Source data from the parent report suite, assuming of course if the segment on the Virtual Report Suite applied to the Data Source information?



@jeremyl59043873 Great question - that depends on the type of data source. Any data source that is normally included in a visit (like data insertion API) would be included in your 5-hour visit. Other summary level data sources that don't really have a visit (a "visit" doesn't really make sense for summary data) would not. Make sense?


Level 5

This is an AWESOME feature!

We were a little late to the game when setting up our Marketing Channel logic, so we're using this feature to go back in time and create visit based segment channels. Previously, if we were building a visit segment based on the referrer, the referrer only lasted until 30 minutes of inactivity and we would be under-reporting orders for those referrers. Now we're pushing that to a full 24 hours of inactivity, which is helping us attribute about 30% more orders/revenue to referrers. This is also the case with Organic Search, Organic Social, And anything else that would pivot off of a referrer.

One thing that we're noticing, report suites with a modified visit expiration don't seem to take into account persistent eVar values that were set previous to the report timeframe. So If I have a report that is broken out by the months September and October, the eVar is smaller if my report timeframe is set to just September and October vs if I extend the report timeframe all the way back to January.



lil'woodchuck Great point. That is a current limitation of report time processing - here's our documentation if it helps: Report Time Processing