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Problems with JS-handled link. FF OK, Chrome and Safari 414, Opera 307


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Hello! I have a problem setting up Adobe Analytics for Telligent platform. There's a link handled by JS:

<a href="#" id="fragment-4e1cc1947d0f49ddaa692e96d3d2186c1130160060_upload" class="inline-button" style="position: relative; z-index: 1;">Select file</a>

Normally it should open file select window. It starts malfunctioning when AA is applied to the page and what's especially surprising - the behavior seems to be browser-specific.

Generally, on click there's a XHR call being made to the client's AA domain that looks like this:

https://aa.[clientsdomain].com/b/ss/[clientsdomain]2014endev,[clientsdomain]2014en/1/JS-1.8.0-D7QN/s... 13:45:22 4 -180&D=D=&fid=...

In Firefox 61.0.1 this request goes fine 200 and file selection OS window opens

In Chrome 68.0.3440.75 and Safari 11.1.2 this request starts to have too long URI (particular in the query field named "l3" having more than 13k chars) and returns with 414 Request-URI Too Large. Additionally, in Chrome this request is also blocked by CORB as having text/html MIME type originating from non-applicable place

In Opera 54.0.2952.60 the same request errors with "307 Internal Redirect".

None of the above browsers, except Firefox, don't show expected file selection dialog after clicking the link.

Can anyone help? What data should I provide to make it possible?

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A query string that's more than 13k characters long is massive. Can you post an example image request URI so we can see where the culprit might be?

I'm pretty sure the answer to this is going to be 'shorten your image request', but it will probably be more helpful to you to determine where to actually shorten it.


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Hi Michael, if you're still having issues here, could you share the full URL of an image request (including the query string)?