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Is there a simple way I can check to see if our Page View metric is working correctly?  I checked our DTM history, and nothing points to a change in this metric.

We had ~100,000 page views per weekday, which dropped to 4,600 on a Thursday in April (highlighted in red), and didn't rebound afterwards.  They are now almost 40% less than what we've been seeing.  In addition, the last two weeks show another decrease to 32,000 per weekday. 

I'm certain this isn't just a seasonal dip in traffic, since no other metric shows a similar fluctuation in quantity. 


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For unexplained drops like this I start by checking that no segment is involved with any pages now changed or deleted. Also Check to see if any pages previously seen in this group of pages have not suddenly disappeared. If they have from report and are still live on site then perhaps a code issue like broken code is the cause for sudden drop.

Trend top 5 pages to see there first if anything sticks out.



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This KB article should be able to provide a solid start to investigating any ongoing issues:

Troubleshoot spikes and drops in data

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