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Need some assistance in building segments


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I'll preface this with the fact that we are in the early stages of adopting Adobe Analytics and I'm not an IT person, so bear with me. I am needing some advice on the best practice for building segments where its use is varied.


Building a segment using multiple keywords within a Page URL to be used in a workspace project.


The challenge I have is that we want to see visitor-level to have the conversion info, with other metrics we would want to limit it to data within a particular visit and then for example for page views, we would only want to see the views on those page URL's that contain the keywords we have outlined - so at the hit level.

Do I have to create 3 separate segments (visitor, visit and hit) to achieve this or, can I do this via nested containers?

I feel like we might be trying to achieve too much, but better to ask then not know and customer care as so far not been of any use.

Thanks in advance!

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For your scenario use "Visits" container, which returns Visitors who completed the conversion within a Visits with some criteria.

Kindly provide us the screenshot of segment for understanding further details.