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Merchandising Evars and Segmentation


Level 8

Our website is setup where that multiple products are displayed on screen at once (all firing a product view) in a single hit, each with multiple merchandising evars.

So for example:

Product = Dress

EVAR - Colour = Red

EVAR - Type = Long

however, I am trying to build a segment that only returns "Red Dresses" but I am getting results that are mixed because (I believe) all the product views are happening on the same hit.

As such the segment is returning all hits where there was "Product=Dress" and EVAR Colour = "Red", so in that example if there was a red sweater was also on the page it would be also returned.

Does anybody know a way out of this?


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Level 8

After half a day of searching I have the answer to this.

Option 1)

Use the Adobe data feed and do the work in your data lake. The option I will be taking.

Option 2)

Change the evar so that rather than "Red" it is populating "Dress|Red". Then use Regex to split the evar into two classifications. From here you can segment out on only the product of interest.

Hope this helps someone.