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Marketing Channels What Do You Use?


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Adobe Community,

We are having some discussions as to what the best method to track last touch channel be. We have two options we are looking at as described below. We would like to use a last touch attribution. We are getting stuck on what the advantages and disadvantages are with each of this approaches. What is the industry standard and what does Adobe suggest?:

  • Last Touch Marketing Channel Rules
  • Legacy rules combined w/ tracking codes
    • For instance creating a report using the natural search dimension, paid search dimension, and coupling that with the tracking code data
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I'd say that analytics consultants discourage Last Touch Channel attribution, because it has a bias towards purchase intention (i.e. "I wanna buy now") vs purchase research (i.e. "hmm, I wonder what's good in the market now."). In a soccer analogy, Last Touch attribution gives credit to the strikers who are nearest to the goal, so the goalkeeper and defenders would never get any credit for the team's success.

On the other hand, Last Touch Channel attribution is the easiest to understand, precisely because it biases towards purchase intention, which is what every business owner wants.

Adobe Analytics has a documentation on their best practices for using Marketing Channels. In particular, see Best Practice #1, where they recommend using the Attribution panel in Analysis Workspace. https://experienceleague.adobe.com/en/docs/analytics/components/marketing-channels/mchannel-best-pra...