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June 2019 documentation migration thread


Employee Advisor

Hi everyone!

Back in April, I changed roles within Adobe from the Analytics Community Manager to an Analytics Tech Writer. This role change was just prior to a large-scale documentation migration. Since that time, I've been hard at work prepping our doc platform, which was recently published live. Check it out here!

Analytics Documentation Home

With this migration, we have overhauled how the docs are structured, making it easier to locate the specific content you're after. Redirects are also in place that should go to the correct location on the new platform if you have old URLs bookmarked. However, there might be a few pages that still need redirects, or there might be a few pages harder to locate in the new restructure. This is where I'd love to hear from the community.

Please use this thread to provide feedback on the new doc platform. What do you like about it? What do you think needs to be improved? I will be personally responding to all replies here, so please let us know your thoughts.

If you have specific content you'd like to improve upon, you can actually fork our docs and create a pull request on GitHub: AdobeDocs/analytics.en​​. If you see something that can be improved but don't have the time or patience to contribute, you can also create an issue​.

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As a feedback on the new doc platform, I would like to highlight a few areas for improvements:

  • the left rail menu
    • make it auto-scrolled to the selected menu item so that it will be clear where the article is located in the doc hierarchy
      (the problem is when you land on the page or click-through to another article, the menu is reloaded and returns the view to the very top)
    • add a navigation to parent Analytics topics (e.g. Admin Guide, Import Guide, etc.) so that it will be possible to switch from one child topic to another (currently the topics are displayed only on the parent homepage: Home ).
  • update the links in the Analytics UI. For example, the help search is still linked with the previous documentation


Employee Advisor

Thank you Andrey!

  • The left rail scroll is currently on the doc team's radar. Hopefully it will be implemented soon!
  • We are working towards a solution that will make it a lot easier to transition between different user guides.
  • We are also working with Analytics engineering to change all links in the Analytics UI to point to URLs that we as the doc team can easily update. This would make it so we won't have to keep creating tickets to have engineering manually change the hardcoded URL's in the UI.