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Importing Classifications via FTP


Level 10

Steps that describe how to use an FTP account to import classifications into Adobe Analytics.

For more information about creating an FTP account, see Create an FTP account.

  1. Click Admin Tools > Classification Importer.
  2. Click Import File, then click FTP Import.
  3. Next to the FTP account that you want to use, click View.
  4. Use the FTP access information (Host, Login, Password) to access the FTP server using an FTP client of your choosing.
  5. Upload the data file (.tab or .txt) to the FTP server.
  6. After uploading the data file, upload a FIN file that indicates the file is ready to process.
    The FIN file is an empty file that has the same name as your data file, with a .fin filename extension. For example, if your data file isclassdata1.tab, the FIN filename is classdata1.fin.

At regular intervals, Adobe retrieves uploaded data files that have an associated FIN file. Adobe imports them into the report suites and data sets specified in the FTP account configuration

Reference: https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/reference/t_upload_a_saint_data_file_via_ftp.html

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