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How many merchandising variables do you use?


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Hello everyone,

As I become more and more comfortable with merchandising variables and how to configure them correctly for accurate success events allocation - especially revenue - I wonder if there are any reasons for not using a merchandising variable (other than lack of Instances counts)?

If you have an evar that is not merchandising, you only have the option of allocating at Last, First, or Linear touch. But this is so wrong in cases in which evars can have multiple values over the course of a users' visit to the site. Without merchandising every success event and all revenue will go to either of the three options. For example if tracking internal search terms with an evar to see revenue, without merchandising everything will go to the First, Last, Linear... even if a user searches adds products to the cart, and then decides to browse and finds more products which he/she adds to the cart... all the revenue in this session will go to the First/Last/Linear search term.

Enabling merchandising at conversion syntax, with bidning event prodview and addcart, allocation first, then only the success events of the products that are added to the cart as a result of the search term will be attributed to the value of the report. The only reason it really is bad to use Merchandising for Search terms is the lack of Instances counts for internal search terms... but thats what a prop can tell you anyways...

So I wanted to ask the community if you find yourself using more merchandising variables than non-merchandising variables in general?

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