How do some non-admin users have "write access" to others workspace projects?



Hi all,

I've been browsing the "ideas" forum, and stumbled across a post requesting that users have READ only access to other's workspace projects. This is the opposite issue we have -- we request non-Admin users to have WRITE access to other's workspace projects, since right now everything is ALREADY read-only. I'm confused how some Adobe account users are requesting "read only" access which means they already have "write-access" feature enabled, whereas in our instance users only have "Read-only" access.  The only users who have write-access to others projects in our account are Admin users. All other non-Admin users only have read-access.

See below screenshot of our account when I log in as a "user" role and not an Admin. There is no option to save over the original version of a workspace, there's only an option to save as a copy. This means users only have read-access, and do not have the ability to edit/write over the original copy:


Here is a link to idea posted to solve this problem: Workspace: Ability for users to grant "read OR write access" of workspace projects & components ...

Any help understanding how its possible for some accounts to have write-access, and how do we get this enabled for our account will be helpful

Thank you!