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☻Hide and organise segments across Report Suites


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Hello, I am the new guy on the team at my work, and I am starting the house cleaning of almost five years of data in Adobe Analytics.

Right now, we found an issue with segments which is if you have a segment and you change the report suite, the same segment is still available or visible if the props and evars are declared or available in the new report suite, otherwise it hides or disappears. I will illustrate it in the next example:

Report Suite NameA



If I have a segment that uses prop1 and prop2 in the Report Suite A it obviously will work, then I move to Report Suite B and the segment still appears because both props are declared (but it captures different things), then I move to Report Suite C but this time the segment will be not available because prop2 is not declared.

We spoke with the Adobe Support team and they told us there is no option to change the availability of the segments across the report suites, that's why I am writing this entry, I am researching and looking for methods and best practices to have organised and manage the segments. Also, we have some issues with clients who try this kind of segments in report suites which has no correlation, and people whose duplicate segments and other people think that is an official and tested segment.

How you organise or structure your segments to have control?

I have some ideas such add html symbols to differentiate in workspace the official and tested segments, also add aka products to notice which segments I can use in every report suite.

Every advice or reply about this issue will help me in this task. Thank you.

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I would use TAGs, Description, and Title (naming convention) along with approved for the organization to manage segments.