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Hello @jantzen_b !


I have a question related to Time ranges: if we have a dashboard for which we want to compare data This full Month versus Last full Month - How can we set it so that these 2 time ranges are adapting to the panel time range NOT on the actual day or month that exists when we are looking the report. For example: I analyze the dashboard on 17th April 2020 and I want data on my dashboard to be specific for whatever I choose on the panel's time range (e.g. 1-31March should mean: ThisFullMonth = March 2020 and LastFullMonth = February 2020) but if on the same day, 17th April, time range at panel level si 1-29Februay, that means This month is February and Last Month should be January. Hope my question is clear with all these examples


Many thanks! 



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Hi Ana-Maria,


Sorry I missed this notification. To answer your question, I don't believe having panels adapt to changes in other panels is something available in workspace today. However, It sounds like your use case might be solved by this other feature in workspace. Have a look and let me know if that helps.