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Data mismatch in browser type reports when using compare date


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I am running a browser type report. When I select a specific date range(week 1) , the visits metric total is correct and it includes classification of "none" as well as "other" in the report details apart from the other browser types(Google, Microsoft , Apple etc).

But when I run the same report comparing dates  using compare date (week 1 and week 2) , the "none" classification is not included in the report and the value of visits metric is incorrect (lesser)

Can you pls help on why this is happening ?

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So I ran a compare dates function using visits to browser type, and did not see 'none' before or after running compare dates. Are you still seeing 'none' in your browser types report? If so, could it perhaps do with alternative data collection sources, such as via data sources or the insertion API?


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Visitor profile ---> technology ---> Browser type, I don't see any none in the report.