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Create Segment for X+ article views per visitor, per month


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I have been trying to create a segment for our site where we can see the number of users who have view 2+ articles, 5+ article and 10+ articles per month, but I can't get it working as expected.

First, to understand our data:

1. I have a custom metric tracking on article views (which I'm using in the segment)

2. I have a prop tracking the user id (using this for validation)

3. I have another prop tracking the article id (also using this for validation)

I created a segment that is set to Visitor Level, then said "article views" metric is greater than or equal to 2.

When I use this in my workspace, for "last month" and drill down into the data, and I use my visitor id and article id props, I can see that I have users that only have 1 article view in the selected month.

It appears that the segment is looking at all time values for the user (2+) and then showing me a list of those users that visited the site in my selected month....

As in, the segment is applied first (getting me a subset of users who have ever read 2 or more articles), then the date selection is applied after (shows me the users from the first subset that read an article within the selected date). So I get a lot of users where the custom metric shows 1 in my report.

As it stands, the data isn't returning what I need, as right now, the lifetime article views isn't important to me, I need to see X+ within the selected month.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Could you please try adding the required month as a time component to the Segment definition along with the Custom metric condition?

Please let me know if this works.




Thanks for the suggestion, but it also doesn't seem to be working....


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Right now there isn't an easy way to accomplish this, since Use Calculated metrics inside segments is currently not available. I'd recommend upvoting and commenting on that idea with your current use case/challenges so we can consider implementing it.


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I'm not trying to use a calculated metric... I'm using a custom metric.... 

Right now, I've pretty much given up on the custom segment and am working with our DBA to create a DB report since nothing is working.


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The part that would be considered a calculated metric would be the number of articles per visitor. If you were able to put the segment criteria "article views divided by unique visitors" is greater than 10, you should be able to get this data without any issues.

Let us know if the DB report works out. It might also be helpful to the community if you were able to get the query they use to get the information you're looking for (if that's something your DBA would be willing to share).