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BI platform which easily gets integrate with Adobe Analytics


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Hi all,

I want to introduce in my company a dashboard in which I can show data from different sources: Adobe Web Analytics, advertising platform, CRM, FTP, excel, etc. I got to know BIME, which is possibile to integrate with Adobe Analyticsjust typing user and password.

Do you know any other similar tool that gets integrate with Adobe easily without IT support? I'd rather do a software selection before choosing.

Thanks everyone and let me know your experience

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Dear Carmine,

Some of my clients using Power BI through Report Builder and some are using Tableau to build internal dashboards.

Power PI Integration : Publishing to Power BI with Report Builder 5.5

Tablaeu Integration : For Tableau Integration, you should use a connector(Cognetik) : Adobe Analytics | Cognetik

Both are great.

Thank You!



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Hi Arun,

thanks a lot for you suggestions!

I just found also DOMO, i am integrating it with Adobe, I will let you know!


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You can easily integrate Adobe Analytics in Tableau using a direct connector.


One of the most secure way to do that is to use the Daexus connector - which only runs on user's computer and it's also free.

I work for the company and I'm happy to answer your questions or you could just visit our website to get the connector link and access it in Tableau. Would love if you could all give it a try and send us your feedback!