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#AdobeChat Nov 30 2016 - Data Science


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Hi everyone! This week's Adobe Chat centered around data science. This week's questions:

Q1: What does the term 'data science' mean to you?

Q2: How is data science showing up in the real world?

Q3: How is data science helping to create a better consumer experience?

Q4: How is data science changing the creative process (or creative sector)?

Q5: How is data science impacting the everyday marketer?

Q6: What companies do you think are using data science most effectively? Why?

Q7: How are advertisers being impacted by data science?

Q8: Will all marketing channels be impacted by data science in the future? If so, how?

Read up on some of the responses at Data Science & Digital Marketing: A Match Made In Heaven by Mark Boothe. If you have your own thoughts you'd like to share, feel free to reply below!

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