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#AdobeChat Dec 7 2016 - Attribution


Employee Advisor


Hi everyone! This week's Adobe Chat centered around attribution. This week's questions:

Q1: Share with us your best definition of attribution.

Q2: What are the biggest challenges with attribution?

Q3: How do you get organizations to think about attribution more holistically?

Q4: How do you reconcile different teams that may be evaluating their marketing in different ways?

Q5: How does mobile change the way you do attribution?

Q6: Besides informing your ad spend, how else can you use attribution modeling?

Q7: Should orgs be doing it themselves or is this something that is better off in the hands of agencies?

Q8: Where do you see attribution going in the future?

Read up on some of the responses at The Attribution Game by Mark Boothe. If you have your own thoughts you'd like to share, feel free to reply below!

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