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Add Alert - How to Utilize more?


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Many times our production data have been flows in to Dev report suite instead of Production report suite due to some technical problem in AEM. Therefore, we planned to utilize the add alert option so that we can get alert whenever the data is not available or less data is getting captured to the production report suite. So, from what basis or what metrics we can add in alert, can we add something related to page views and page name if it get less data (less or equal to 100). Please suggest me sometime like this how can we utilize and predict our data when it goes less or not available.

It would be good if some one will help me on this request.

Thank you,


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Dear Jay,

Alerts can be used for any dimension along with the associated metrics.

You can build alerts based on anomalies (90%, 95%, or 99% thresholds; % change; above/below)

Go through the below links for Use Cases:

Intelligent Alerts

Intelligent Alerts - Use Cases

Thank You