Adapt Adobe classification of referrer "https://www.google.com" (no search traffic)



Hi all,

while looking closely at our referrers, we noticed a certain pattern for the referrer "https://www.google.com" (without trailing slash) that makes us question whether the current classification Adobe Analytics is using, is correct.

When looking at our entry pages, the pattern of the referrer resembles far more the pattern of e.g. the google chrome-content-suggestions referrer than the one for google search (with trailing slash). Our internal tests have underlined this as the referrer is generated from content suggestions (e.g. from within the Chrome app).

Bildschirmfoto 2019-02-01 um 15.11.56.png

Currently, within Adobe Analytics this referrer is classified as "Search Engine". We think this should be adapted to "Other Web Sites" as this referrer does not stem from search traffic.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-02-01 um 15.12.51.png

Feedback would be much appreciated!






Great observation! Do you have any reports that definitively call out the content suggestions being listed under google.com? I'm not sure I can derive that information solely from the two screenshots here.

If you're able to provide more details in a ticket to Customer Care (that way you can provide links to reports and actual numbers), we should be able to get this to engineering to address it with little hassle. Thanks!