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Ad Hoc will no longer be supported - concerns?


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Heard a rumor from a reliable source, and wanted to know if others share concerns that I have about Ad Hoc being discontinued/no longer supported.

I feel it is the best tool for quickly getting larger data sets out of the system for use elsewhere (Excel/R/Python), and the top tool for doing Web Analytics when you have a large implementation.  I just don't see anything in Adobe's repertoire that can move quickly between reports with multiple reports with many dimensions in a single table, with a significant amount of data.

Workspaces has too strong a focus on looking good (too much sizzle, looking for steak), is too "clicky", and there's not enough focus on raw data retrieval and analysis with multiple breakdowns (any more than two breakdowns and you have to click all over the place to get things in a decent format for use elsewhere, which makes it slow).

Data Warehouse is the only alternative, except data retrieval times are lengthy, and if a change needs to be made to a data request, you cannot edit on-the-fly in the same level of agility you can with Ad Hoc.  On top of that, You can't do current day, so it won't help with

I kind of see this product as a great answer to having something that is both agile, and can reliably look at fairly large amounts of data with many breakdowns quickly, and I don't see anything on Adobe's road-map that can fill that role as effectively for business analysis.

Just my opinions, but any thoughts from the community?

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