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Is there any support for TubeMogul?

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Yes there is Steven, can you tell me what type of support you need so I could give you specific information?




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Hi Tanmay,

Yes i have a few questions.  We've been with Tube Mogul for several years:

1.  We have a legacy credit card in the interface which we'd like to to remove; however there is no way to delete a credit card.  This may be a moot point based on #2 below. 

2.  Our spend has increased dramatically, and we'd like to transition to invoice billing as we have set up with Google, AppNexus, Doubleclick, Facebook,etc.    Is there an account manager available, if not who could help with this? 

3.  On occasion we have noticed that creatives remain in a pending state for several days, and we have one such example now; who would we contact in this case?

4.  On occasion, we'll also see performance issues.  Who would we contact in this case.

Sorry for all the question, but I've been trying to reach support for a few months now, and was very happy to get your reply!  I look forward to your response. 


Steven Sardelli


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Hello Steven,

I'm happy to help get you the support you need.   Please email our alias adacademy@adobe.com and include your account login information so we can connect you with a memeber of the services team. Speak with you shortly.


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Much appreciated.  I just sent an email with the additional information.  Thank you!!