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New Features in Adobe Media Optimizer - September 2016


Level 10

Search > Campaigns

(Google campaigns with remarketing lists) In Google bulksheets, the "Adobe Rec Bid Adjustment" column indicates the read-only bid adjustment that Media Optimizer recommends for each remarketing list for search ads (RLSA) and for each location target. 'The column is included in generated bulksheets for information purposes.

For location targets, the column was previously named "Adobe Rec LBA."

Tip:  If you want to manually edit a location target or RLSA to use the recommended value, wait at least two weeks after you create the location target or RLSA to allow for sufficient data collection, and don't change the value more than once a week.

Search > Campaigns Beta

(Google campaigns) Beta campaign settings include the Bid Strategy options "Target CPA" and "Maximize Clicks," for which some advertisers already have existing campaigns in AdWords. For both of these settings, AdWords — not Media Optimizer — will optimize bids. Don't use either option for campaigns in portfolios.

Search > Advanced (ACM)

(Google Merchant Center accounts) When Media Optimizer processes inventory feed files for Google shopping ads, parent product groups (including “All Products”) are now deleted when all child nodes are missing from a feed file. They’re deleted even when the feed settings for “Missing line items…” are set to “pause,” because you can’t pause product groups.

Display > Managed Campaigns

You can now define advertiser-level blacklist templates and whitelist templates of user zip codes and postal codes within a single country. Blacklist and whitelist templates are available for all of an advertiser's managed display ad strategies for RTB. You can manage the templates from Tools & Settings > Blacklists/Whitelists.

You can also create blacklist and whitelist templates, and define individual zip codes and postal codes to include and exclude as targets, within individual ad strategies.

Insights  & Reports > Advertising Insights

(Search menu only; internal users only) Two new insights are available:

The Match Type (Online) insight includes on-screen charts of the cost and weighted revenue across match types in a portfolio. Data is available for up to the last 90 days.

(For Google AdWords campaigns only) Audience Target Performance Report is an Excel spreadsheet that reports the clicks, cost, and weighted revenue for each Google RLSA target (audience) in each ad group in a portfolio — or in each ad group within one or more campaigns within a portfolio. Data is available for last event clicks that occurred during any date range within the last 90 days.


Facebook now provides new ways to include and exclude audiences. The following audience placements in Media Optimizer are automatically mapped as specified:

Instagram and Facebook Desktop Newsfeed  — Mapped to Instagram and Facebook News Feed

Right Column and Mobile — Mapped to Right Column and News Feed

Right Column, Mobile News Feed and Audience Network — Mapped to Desktop, Mobile News Feed, and Audience Network

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