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Adobe Audience Manager segment shared to Ad Cloud with multiple advertising clients


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Hi there- I am sending multiple segments from AAM to Ad Cloud as a destination. However, within our Ad Cloud instance, we have 4 different advertising clients, for EMEA, APAC, Americas, etc. How do I see all segments sent to Ad Cloud under each advertising client? For example, if I send a "homepage visitors" segment to Ad Cloud, how do I see this segment under EMEA and APAC and Americas? I'm only seeing it under one instance. 


Thank you!

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You may need to map the segment to individual Ad accounts under adcloud and also check if all your ad account are mapped to AAM under the destination. Account manager would be the right person to check about this, since AdCloud destination in AAM is created by Adobe through backend systems. This is to the best of my knowledge.


Generally, if an AAM segment would only reflect in the Ad accounts which are mapped with AAM while creating the AdCloud destination.