Get an asset URL usable outside AEM

hadrien303 05-10-2018


I'm working actually with AEM, and I was wondered if it is possible to display an image/asset with its URL outside AEM using and img src.

For example, I have my website in AEM with all the assets, and I use actually the assets API <img src="/content/dam/..../assets/myAsset.png"/> to display in my AEM website my images.
But sometime, we have to develop prototype of what updates will come in our AEM site, so we sometime do only a local website outside AEM, and I would like to access images in AEM without to be authenticated, so I can use <img src="http://<server_addr>:<server_port>/.../.../../assets/myAsset.png"/>.

Is it possible ? I tried several URL which display my asset, but only if I'm authenticated, and I would like them to be available for render from anyone who have the URL.

Waiting for any answer that could help..

good day to everyone !


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edubey 07-10-2018

You can update permissions for your image so that it can read by anonymous user which I am assuming you are using to access images from another site.


Try using your Publish Contents from your publish server. In Publish all the content including DAM are available to anonymous users.



If you are hosting images on Author then it requirs authentication.

Please use publisher image reference to achieve above without authentication.