Creation of video carousel to use in dynamic media component

raunak2712 17-07-2018


I am looking to create a carousel which will contain both images as well as videos. The images and video will be stored on dynamic media server.

I have tried to achieve this using OOTB Carousel set as well and Mixed media type of asset and use them in the Dynamic media component.

The carousel set does not let me add a video to it as it can take only images. I was able to use mixed media but that does not function like a carousel does with the arrows. I thought of adding the arrows and making them function like swatches in mixed media but I am not able to trigger the event which is triggered on selection of main swatches.

Is the anyway to customize this feature or can we create a new Viewer Preset TYPE that can function like both carousel and well as mixed media hybrid.

Any suggestions would be great.



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raunak2712 17-07-2018

Yes bootstrap carousel maybe an option but I am not sure how I can bring dynamic media into fore with its presets, breakpoints and other behavior functionalities.

smacdonald2008 17-07-2018

I have asked the team for their input. One thing you can look into is to see if their is a 3rd party Bootstrap Carousel that plays video.