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Unable to attach template exactly where I want in the existing project


Level 5

So the marketing team has asked it to brainstorm on the best ways to reduce overhead but increase transparency around the "ideation" phases of a project. These are the phases in which creativity is in high demand, and many rounds can happen before locking into the basic framework. Concepting, copy, and initial design are three examples.

One way I thought we could try to address the overhead is having simple 3-5 task templates that could be inserted as needed as the rounds increase. (I recognize this might be a backwards way to approach it, and I welcome other solutions that have worked for you!)

However, I'm having the absolute darndest time getting it to fit exactly where I want. It's always "close but not quite".

In this example: I want to insert a three-task template between tasks 6-7 for a Copy Iteration. I'd have a preset series of tasks for people that get put into the project for each round of edits. I set the predecessor to "6," and the parent "Design," but Workfront keeps inserting the three tasks after Task 7. Moving them up one slot isn't the end of the world, but can someone help explain what I'm doing wrong? There are quite a few options for inserting templates, and trying the factorial approach to variations is getting tiresome. Thanks in advance!

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