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Custom revenue field totaling from subtasks displayed on the task level


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In my project I created a custom field in a form. It is a single line text box to display in currency a potential revenue from an account. In this project the task is the account name, and subtasks are the the potential potential packages we are selling to this account.


I am able to input the revenue amount on the subtask level. However, I am being asked to have the subtask revenues add up and display the sum of the overall account revenue in the revenue field on the task level. Is there a way that I can have this happen? Any help in regards to this would be much appreciated.

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I'm not entirely clear on how you wanted to show this but really the only way to have this kind of display is in a roll up at the view and grouping level. On the report or list view, you would want to have this field exposed, and set to aggregate by the SUM of the field. And then when you apply any sort of grouping (a parent task is an acceptable grouping mechanism, for example, or grouping by project name would work) that field will show a total in the grouping line. Hope that makes sense.