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Worker Permissions with NWE Calendar


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I understand calendars are considered reports and hence haven't been made available to edit by workers, but this seems inherently peculiar for this particular feature. It would be nice to have a calendar space where workers could be granted collaborative access when needed. Sometimes they need to create a calendar that is outside of projects and tasks.

Ex. I (Planner) want to start a calendar, building out a prelim marketing plan and have my team (workers) populate the rest and continue to add to it and keep it up to date. Right now, they can't do that.

Ex. I want to build a holiday calendar for a particular departments' time off and share it out company wide. I started it and shared it out with "Manage" rights and asked them to populate it, but workers can't go in and add/edit the items.

This seems to be a miss as far as team collaboration goes and would be an awesome feature to help contain people in the Workfront platform!