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Text Mode Book


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A text mode book would be appreciated. Having a physical book to navigate through and look up pre-written codes, example uses, how to, troubleshooting tips, etc. would be helpful. I learned a lot about text mode and how to use the API Explorer table in the bootcamp classes; However, having a physical book to flip through will improve my experience of trying to learn text mode. I am a sticky note guru, so being able to use sticky notes and highlight text in the book would be helpful. And as updates are made to text mode, a new book could be released yearly including the changes, or a downloadable pdf on Workfront One.

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Level 7


Hi, there! I have made a project with tasks for the different text modes I have saved over time and included the text mode in the description. I display those on a report to show the task name and description (text mode) including any last update to the task so I can recall whether I have edited the text or not or any relevant tips for myself that I have made note of in the task.

I use parent tasks for grouping the text mode by topic, which is also used as the grouping the report, although the parent tasks themselves are filtered out so that they do not appear on the list of tasks there.

Not a solution for what what you are suggesting, which is awesome BTW, but a workaround to keep track on your own...