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Scenario Planner - Auto Save


Level 2


Description - I have noticed that in scenario planner 2 users cannot be in at the same time. For example…say If one user just has it open and other user get in and makes changes then depending on who hits “Save Plan” first is the lucky one. Have you experienced this? – do you have any suggestions on how to handle multiple users case?

We have right now 8 managers who needs to provide their team’s hours for each project, and I am not able to let them go in at once. I have to be a gate keeper and change only one manager to manage access at a time.


Why is this feature important to you - multiple managers trying to provide their team's capacity to same plan is not possible. 

How would you like the feature to work -  auto save every 30 seconds and multiple users can work at same time.

Current Behaviour - Saves your work, if you are lucky! need someone to be gate keeper to give manage access one at a time or managers needs to type their changes for one person to do data entry for all.