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Return to your place in a project timeline after opening tasks to edit them.


Level 6


When working in a project timeline, if we open the task to edit its information, once complete it brings you back to the beginning of the timeline. This can get very time-consuming when working in projects with long-list of tasks. It causes us to then search for the task we were working on in the timeline in order to continue. When updating a timeline that requires many changes this is a huge nuisance. If you inline edit a task or open it but make no changes it will leave you right at the location you were working. It doesn't make sense that it would behave differently if you do make a change. Engineering is saying this is the intended behavior. I am not sure in what instance a user would want to be brought back to the beginning of the timeline if they are working on edits in a later section.

I'm requesting that the same logic be added to return you to the location of the task you opened, after making an update.