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"Last Thursday" in Comment Box


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If this can be improved, it would definitely improve the communication with our clients. See Case Number 00167704 for screenshot reference. Since the attached image feature function does not currently work on idea exchange. I originally submit this on September 27 2019. So keep in mind when I'm referring to the time stamp. When WorkFront state "Last Tuesday", the initial thought is Tuesday of last week, being September 17, 2019. However this is not the case. Last Tuesday in WorkFront is considered the Tuesday of this week(September 24, 2019). This causes a lot of communication error with our clients.

Suggestion: please change time stamp to the actual date instead of saying "last" to avoid miscommunication.. An alternative option is, some websites will say two days ago instead of using the word "last". "Last" can be very ambiguous depending on how it's interpreted, :)