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Provide an overtime calculation on the timesheet instead of just a meaningless overtime box


Level 4


There should be an adjustment to the timesheet or user's profile that allows a calculation of overtime for the user's timesheet, based based on the "schedule" applied to the user’s profile. For example, if the user's schedule indicates a M-F work week, then any time they indicate in the timesheet on a Saturday or Sunday gets included into the overtime calculation.



Level 1


Could not agree more Greg. I was pleading a case for this with the experience team at Leap. This would be a huge help for our group as well.


Level 10


Upvoting. This should include 1.5x (overtime) and 2.0x (holiday) pay distinctions as well as the ability to include overtime-by-day (anything over 8 hours) and overtime-by-week (anything over 40 hours) distinctions.

The "overtime" box on the timesheet is pretty much useless since we need to know OT at the task level (which task, and thus which project, is going to absorb the extra cost for overtime) for accountability and project costs.

Our implementation specialist gave us a workaround (glad we spotted the issue during this period), but why be so klunky?