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Notify Users When Unassigned from Objects


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Add the option to notify users when they are unassigned (removed) from any type of workflow object; projects, tasks, requests, proofs, etc.

As of right now, there is no way for a user to be notified if they are unassigned from any type of workflow object in Workfront. You can be a project sponsor, assigned to a task, and later unassigned from a task but there is no way for the system to notify you that you have been unassigned. Same with requests - you can be assigned a request, unassigned, and you will not receive a notification that you were removed.

I tested this in multiple ways, once specifically in real time. When I was assigned to a task I received a notification saying such. When I was removed from that same task, not only was I not notified, but the notification saying I was previously assigned was removed from my user notification list. The history was removed. Essentially, Workfront is behaving as though being unassigned (removed) from an object is equivalent to never having been assigned in the first place.

There needs to be an option to notify users they were unassigned from objects in Workfront. Otherwise, there is the potential for tremendous gaps or oversights.

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I agree we need notifications to the users when they are unassigned to a task/issue. We move through 100's of tasks & issues daily and our workflow is fast and when multiple peoples work overlaps we need to be notified that a user has been removed from an object. Allowing this setting within the User notifications or within the standard System settings notifications to allow for this notification to be toggled off and on.