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make calcualted field width Small Medium or Large


Level 3


Description - I am encountering a bit of an issue with the calculated field width in both the legacy and new custom form designer. You are unable to modify the width of the field and in my case i need to have a large output but it seems to only allow for a 25 character width in the output that wraps over multiple lines. Can we give this an option to wrap S M L like the other text fields? I still need it to display the entire value in the UI. For our use case we are concatenating a URL with UTM parameters that are coming in from fields. This is up to 500 characters in total but the UI is wrapping it at only 25 characters per row with no control over it anywhere

Why is this feature important to you - this is goofy for our end users that find it confusing to see a value wrapping over multiple lines at 25 characters per line

How would you like the feature to work - Can we make this calculated value output take up the entire width of the form? if not can we make it have a field width of Small/Medium/Large?

Current Behaviour - truncates at 25 characters in legacy form editor, 50 characters in the new design experience.

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