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Give Group Admin Controls to Customize Project Condition


Level 4


Description - At present project conditions (In Trouble, At Risk, and On Target) are controlled at the system level but many groups would prefer to use custom conditions (e.g. Red, Yellow, Green) for their Group.

Why is this feature important to you - The default conditions do not align to how our org reports status and the default terminology without color confuses some folks (which is worse In Trouble or At Risk? Hard to know without a color association.). This would allow Group Admins to control the condition and align Workfront more closely with the org processes..

How would you like the feature to work - allow group admins to customize the names of project conditions for their group. For example:our group would prefer a simple Red, Yellow, Green (and gray for projects that are not in progress and where condition is not applicable)

Current Behaviour - Conditions are only customizable at the System Level.