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Flagging Projects with Available Resources in Resource Planner


Level 2


When in the resource planner I would like to be able to distinguish between projects that have job roles with hours planned on the project that has negative available hours (meaning at least one job role does not have the capacity to do the work) and those projects that all job roles have positive available hours. I would like to be able to see this in the Project View at the Project level (without drilling down).

This will be helpful in the situation that projects 1 - 7 are resource budgeted but 8 - 15 cannot be moved forward due to SDE resources being used in projects 1 - 7. While project 16 is lower priority it does not have SDE's on the project so all resources available to perform the work and should be moved forward. Currently I have to drill down into each project which makes resourcing meetings with the Senior Leadership Team difficult and too in the weeds.