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Export outlook meeting/teams meetings invites as a Workfront task or Issues




Description - Add the Workfront widget such that Outlook meeting invites can be exported into Workfront as a task or an issue in a project

Why is this feature important to you -  Being in enablement, we track, report, share WF calendars and collaborate on events scheduled by our team. Specific projects can support 25 events in a quarter. 

It would make updating events a lot easier if we could add these outlook events as tasks in Workfront without manually updating them as tasks.


How would you like the feature to work - Similar capabilities exporting emails into Workfront projects as tasks or issues. In addition, it would be great if the event start and end date could be picked up as the Planned Start and Planned completion date of the task, and the meeting duration be updated as the task duration


Current Behaviour - Feature doesn't exist.

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I agree! I am currently having to reply to the event invite to email myself, then add that email to Workfront using the add-in tool. Not fun when it is a constant thing:/