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Ability to Always Have Auto-Allocation


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By default allocation of planned hours is split equally amongst all assignments across the duration of a task. If the dates shift so will the hours. When we look at the Workload Balancer you're able to see that specific allocation. You're also able to modify the hours either within the WLB or by using the advanced assignments functionality.


The issue we have recognized is one of our teams reallocates these hours in the WLB more specifically so instead of the automatic division they want to be able to say Assignment #1 is planned to work 1 hour and Assignment #2 is planned to work 3 hours. When they make that change it will hold the allocation the way we've allocated it in the WLB so then if the dates of the task shift then the allocation will stay in the order we've changed it which can sometimes mean hours are going onto a weekend.


We'd love an option to turn off the fact that once hours are manually edited the automatic division of hours is ignored or even if it is ignored that the hours will never go onto a weekend. If the dates shift we'd want the hours to shift appropriately with them so a setting that can say we want the automatic allocation to always be a thing even if we've manually changed it once would be ideal. I can understand why this is helpful and needed for teams but for us it is causing a lot of management as timelines shift a lot and then hours are getting put on weekends without us knowing. It'd be nice to have the option of turning that functionality off.

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I agree with this. I think another option, rather than an option to "turn off" automatic division of hours, would be to allow an allocation by percentage rather than the actual hours. So if I have a writer and designer assigned to a task, I could say the writer gets 25% of the hours and the designer gest 75%. Then no matter what the task's planned hours are (4 hours, 6 hours, 10 hours, etc.) it would always allocate to the assignees based on their assigned percentage.