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A "Project Owner" with "Contribute" sharing should automatically be elevated to "Manage" when they get a Plan license


Level 4


Description - When a user is assigned as a project owner, their sharing of the project is capped by their license type. If they have a "Contribute" permission on a project they own, and their license is upgraded to allow "Manage" rights, as the project owner, their sharing permission should automatically be elevated. This is for 2 reasons: They own the project so they should be a manager of the project no different than if they created it, and the current behavior is that no one, even those with "Manage" rights, can change the project owner's sharing rights. Only the admins can change the owner's sharing permission. This is a design flaw in my opinion.


Why is this feature important to you - Users who are project owners cannot be set with Manage permission except by an admin, but more importantly, their sharing permission should automatically be elevated if they get upgraded to a Plan license and they own the project.


How would you like the feature to work - If a project owner had a "Contribute" max sharing, and they get a Plan license, the project that they own when opening should automatically elevate their sharing permission to "Manage". If the project owner's permission will not get elevated automatically, then other users with "Manage" permission on the project should be able to change the project owner's sharing permission to "Manage".


Current Behaviour - The sharing permission does not change, so the project owner cannot manage the project, even if they get a Plan license. Other users who have "Manage" rights also cannot change the owner's sharing permission. Only Admins can make this change, which means someone who was assigned as a project owner but had a Work license, must file a support ticket to fix their permission.