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Shawn Loutensock - Workfront Global System Administrator - Workfront





Everyone knows the excitement, anticipation and anxiety you experience on your first day at a new job. Through project templates and reports in Workfront, several teams execute on a series of tasks that ensure our new hires have a smooth transition and an onboarding experience they will never forget. 

As soon as a candidate accepts a job offer, a New Hire Checklist project is kicked off. Tasks such as their seating assignment, desk setup, access badge, parking access, software and hardware setup, systems access, and and welcome box shipment are on the list. It also includes tasks specific to their department. 

On day 1, the new employee is assigned a New Hire Onboarding project. This project includes everything a new employee needs to know and do in their first 2 weeks on the job. This includes benefits paperwork, software training, profile setup and of course banking information (so they can get paid).

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Of course, all good things come to an end. Workfront has made it easy to track departing employees exit tasks as well. This ensures that the company is protected and the employee has a smooth transition as they move to a new opportunity. 


All of this is tracked in Workfront and because of that, reporting on new hire and departing employee progress simple and easy.



I’d strongly recommend all HR and IT departments use Workfront to manage their new hire, onboarding and offboarding processes.