Colspan property missing sometimes and other odd behavior



In AEM 6.2 been using Colspan property to make forms easier to read.


However, I am trying to create a new form, and I thought I was following my previous steps but when I try to configure the properties, Colspan is missing from the properties list if I am in a panel. The only time the Colspan property is available is if the field is directly under guideRootPanel.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



I think we found the problem...

If we drag a child panel component from the side bar into the form and set it up with columns, then direct child fields/panels will have the Colspan property.


However, if we try to use "Add Child Panel" from a panel's edit toolbar (ellipsis, then "Add Child Panel"), direct child fields/panels will not have the Colspan property.

panel.jpg--> 1498131_colspanMissing.JPG

So we apparently have two ways of doing the same thing that have different results. I am opening a bug ticket with Adobe.

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Answers (1)



Colspan property is available for the fields / panels which are a direct child of a panel with responsive layout. You can add a wrapper responsive panel to achieve the desired behavior.