How to get the current workflow id?





We are generating segments that have nothing to do with email/sms/push notif, and we want to save the current workflow ID to track the profiles, but we did not find a function that returns that value. Is there a way to get it?


We want a file that contains profileId and workflowId (to know where it came from).


Thanks in advance!

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello Maximiliano,


You have two options:


You can add the ID of the workflow directly in your extract file activity as part of the output file title.


  • Open the extract file activity
  • Click on the pen Icon next to the output file field
  • Click on Insert personalization field
  • Choose the ID(name) field

Or You can add the workflow ID as additional data in your main query or enrichment using the expression: $(instance/@name) and add it as an output column in your extract file activity.



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